Warning: This entry contains possible spoilers. Edit

Games Repainted: The Movie: The Game 2 64 3D U Brawl Melee & Knuckles Special Pikachu Edition featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry Series Double Dash Bros. Adventure DX 2: Battle is a collaborative fanfiction for the magnificent stream known as Games Repainted. It was started on September 23rd, 2015 by Dinoceros Man, but wasn't shared with the world until October 2nd. It's currently unfinished and is being moderated by Dinoceros Man.

(The shareable link is With this link you can only comment, but if you message me on tumblr or youtube or skype or whatever I'll give you editing rights. This only because I don't want people to anonymously fuck up the document. I hope you guys understand.)

Characters Edit

  • Mario J. Furfaro: The Repainted Mario from Super Mario Sunshine Repainted. He is described by our lord and savior Angleo as "really cute". Mario lives by himself in a nice villa on Delfino Nipslip, which he bought with money he got as a janitor-for-hire on the island. He is the first character encountered in the Fanfiction's story, first being seen about 10 years before everyone dies. Mario enjoys looking out into the sunset, watching cheesy romance movies, Italian food, and a good glass of Drinkos Peepee™ Vodka once in a while. His brother, Chuigi, lives on the mainland of the USA in his mansion. Mario also happens to be the grrrrrrrrrreat-grandson of Angleo, who had the babbies before dying and ascending to an ethereal and Giygas-like form.
  • Ness Fuchs II: The 13-year-old grandson of Itsfred Fuchs, the C.E.O. of Fuchs Industries. He has serious issues, including (but not limited to) brain damage and OCD. However, the brain damage is good, I guess, because that's how he's able to use his PSI abilities. Ness is a fan of old things, like record players and shit. He listens to David Bowie a lot and showers in Mountain Bew. His adventure begins around the same time as Mario's, when he notices that his rubber ducky is a little off from where it normally is.

Why does this shit exist? Edit

My aim here is to create a semi-serious story based off of the source material we have (Games Repainted, obviously). I don't really know. People are going to fuck it up anyways so I don't even see why I'm trying to make quality writing.